Overcoming Racism: Vigilance Now!
November 13-14, 2015
At Metropolitan State University in St. Paul

Video from the Conference

Friday opening: Dakota drumming, singing and sage blessing

Friday welcome & About FREC

Friday keynoters: Mahmoud El-Kati and Nekima Levy-Pounds

Voices of Vigilance, Friday panelists: Clyde Bellecourt, Kandace Montgomery, Ricardo Levins-Morales & Bo Thao-Urabe

Saturday keynoters: Tall Paul and Heather Hackman

View the printed program (link coming)

Vigilance is the state of being carefully observant and attentive, in order to notice and respond to potential dangers or threats. The 2015 Overcoming Racism conference will explore what vigilance looks like and what vigilance requires of us in order to resist and transform the system of racial hierarchy operating in our lives, organizations, institutions and communities.

Vigilance demands an understanding of how racism has historically been created, enforced and embedded in systems and structures as well as in our minds and bodies – and the many ways that people and communities have resisted. We must uplift and strengthen narratives that advance racial equity and inclusion to counter the mainstream narratives that continue to enforce white domination, and carefully observe and call out the ways different systems of oppression intersect with and support racism.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to hear multiple perspectives on vigilance and racism past and present; to learn about different approaches and tools for vigilance, resistance and response; and to connect with others working to transform organizations, institutions and communities.