FREC’s story begins with a 2008 gathering hosted by ASDIC Metamorphosis and the Cherokee Park United Church Anti-racist Team. Organizers created a two-day event to provide advanced training for antiracism facilitators.

In 2009, the organizing group expanded and created the name FREC – Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative. From the beginning, we understood FREC to be a learning community, with conference attendees as our fellow learners.

As the event grew, so did our target audience. We have expanded beyond a training opportunity for facilitators, educators, and activists. Our intended audience now includes all individuals, organizations and communities engaged in antiracism work.

Our signature offering is the annual Overcoming Racism Conference. The graphic to the right shows the conference themes over the past nine years. As our volunteer base has grown, so have our offerings. In 2015, we launched the Leadership Institute, geared towards reaching teams of top administrative leaders — those best positioned to address institutional racism. In 2017, we added smaller community events throughout the year. That same year, we added the Greater Minnesota Initiative, to try to bridges and mutual support for those doing anti-racism work throughout the state.

FREC has become a community with a unique culture and identity, remaining true to our origins and sense of mission. We continue to be identified with inclusive participation and practices of facilitation and transformation.

FREC continues to be a dedicated collective of organizations and individuals committed to overcoming racism in Minnesota. Please consider joining our work and help us continue to grow.