FREC Shared Learning Community Circle

Thursday, January 20th 2022

4:30-6 PM (CST)

 Please download and review the reading linked below to prepare for our next discussion.
Race, the Multiple Self, & Intersectionality: Implications for Law and Social Justice



Join us at the monthly FREC Shared Learning Community Circle where we share learning
on diverse topics and updates.



We will be meeting online using the Zoom link through the button below. Please contact us if there are any additional accommodations we can provide to encourage comfortable participation. All are welcome!   

Shared Learning Community Circle Zoom link

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FREC’s shared learning is a way to share ideas, stories, articles, videos, books, blogs, poems and more with others who are interested in learning together to gain new perspectives, exchange bold ideas and build knowledge. 

Can’t join us?
Attend a quarterly orientation/information session to learn more about FREC committees and programs.
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Monday, February 7th 2022 7PM

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Previous shared learning sessions have included topics such as what does reparations look like, traits of whiteness and how they show up, redistribution of wealth and privilege, BIPOC farming and more. 

There will be a highlighted speaker and/or content to preview prior to each session for a more in depth discussion on the presented topic. 

The group will share introductions and review the FREC Guidelines for Dialogue document to be sure we are all honoring the space and care of ourselves and others prior to conversation. 

All are welcome! We are excited to have you join our learning community.