The Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative (FREC)

 FREC is a collaborative (of individuals and organizations) working towards just, equitable, antiracist communities throughout Minnesota. We are committed to engagement with multiple communities and ways of knowing.

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Racialized American culture is deep, vast, and unconscious. We intentionally learn about newly revealed layers of this culture as we create  programs designed for folks already on the journey of self-awareness and who desire a liberated Minnesota–one free of explicit and implicit racism.

Through our annual Overcoming Racism conference, we provide a platform for national experts, numerous local thought leaders, activists and artists to help us deepen our understanding of systemic racism and inspire us to new heights of action. The Racial Equity Leadership Institute for educators and beyond provides a monthly series to unlearn and relearn our understanding of U.S. and MN history, the origins of race, whiteness, social identities, and how to handle difficult conversations. FREC also supports rural communities through the Greater MN Partnerships to strengthen local efforts focused on antiracism education and activities.

FREC Goals:

Create a learning community: We share our knowledge and skills around ant-racism work with other individuals and organizations through our Overcoming racism Conference and other programs. 
  • Deepen our understanding of the racial domination system and colonialism: We aim to understand how they generate racist practices and white privilege, impede our efforts for racial justice, inhibit us from talking about race, and how they perpetuate themselves through culture, ideas and institutions. 
  • Improve our skills in countering racism and organizing for racial justice: We will learn best practices and sound theory to overcome racism, sharing models, skills, tools, approaches, programs, and practices. 
  • Network and promote action: We use our organizational networks to strengthen and expand our outreach, influence, and effectiveness, promoting action to dismantle racism. 

FREC Values:

Equity: We strive towards equitable representation in all activities and decisions. We seek to ensure the participation of those who experience the impact of racism most directly. 
Knowledge: We value lifelong/ongoing self and group learning and critical social analysis to further understand the history of white supremacy and the importance of disrupting racial structures that perpetuate it. 
Support: We support ourselves and others to navigate the challenges of antiracism work. We actively engage with those who feel the impact of white supremacy most directly, seeking their input, guidance, and honoring the wisdom of their experience. 
Inclusion: We value the voice and participation of all identities in FREC activities and decisions that have been adversely impacted by white supremacy and racism because of gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, class, mental/physical abilities and national origin.


Annual Overcoming Racism Conference

Racial Equity Leadership Institute

Greater Minnesota Partnerships

Community Learning Circle