Racial Equity Leadership Institute

The Racial Equity Leadership Program (RELI) has suspended its 2024 program to reflect and reconsider how RELI can best advance racial equity in today’s changing world. What are the current needs of educators and those who work daily to positively affect the lives of children and youth? How can RELI respond in a reimagined program?

We aimed to increase understanding about race, racial and social identities, and ways to take action. This forum provided participants ways to unlearn and relearn shared aspects of our worldview, and translate new knowledge to action to change ourselves, the education system, and our spheres of influence.

Interested in sharing your ideas? Write to us at leadership@overcomingracism.org

What is the RELI Learning Series?

The series consisted of six 2-hour online sessions from January to May, and featured program materials from the Smithsonian African American Museum of History and Culture as well as resources from the Minnesota Historical Society. Topics ranged from historical foundations shaping today’s inequities, to how racial identities play out, and how the norm of whiteness operates. RELI also featured sessions on having difficult conversations and acting from an anti-racist ethos.

If you participated in RELI and wish to provide input to our revisioning, please contact us.

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