2018 Overcoming Racism Conference!

Thanks to all who participated in the 2018 Overcoming Racism Conference! Save the dates for 2019: November 15 and 16, 2019 at Metropolitan State University, St. Paul – Presented by the Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative (FREC)

2018: Overcoming Racism: In Spite of …

In spite of broken treaties, in spite of redlining, in spite of Rondo, in spite of Philando Castille and Jamar Clark, in spite of anti-immigration laws, in spite of voter suppression efforts, in spite of the school-to-prison pipeline, in spite of rising Islamophobia, in spite of the Dakota Access Pipeline and Enbridge Line 3 …

You get the picture!

This is FREC’s 10thyear offering the Overcoming Racism Conference. It’s a time to celebrate, to rededicate to this work, to elevate our learning and skills, and to network with each other to strengthen our movement. We continue to build on our previous conferences, including: “Vigilance Now!” (2015); “Disrupt Racism as Usual” (2016) and “Awake, Woke, Taking Command” (2017).

Past conference themes still apply to our work today. Perhaps they seem even more urgent given the recent rise in overt acts of white supremacy such as Charlottesville. Yet at the same time we know this racism always has been there; in fact, far worse has happened.

Martin Luther King, assassinated 50 years ago, left us with the inspiring words: “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.” This past year has seen unwelcome ripples in our nation’s “moral arc.” We need concrete ideas for how to continue this work in spite of all that has come before and all that lies ahead. We need hope and inspiration to continue to confront and disrupt racism in our communities, our institutions and within ourselves.

More info here.

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