Propose a Workshop for the Overcoming Racism Conference!

This year’s conference theme is a Call for Resilience, Resistance, and Hope: “Overcoming Racism In Spite of …”

Call for Proposals Proposals are invited for workshops/breakout sessions that address the conference theme and objectives.

“Overcoming Racism In Spite of …” In spite of broken treaties, in spite of redlining, in spite of Rondo, in spite of Philando Castille and Jamar Clark, in spite of anti-immigration laws, in spite of voter suppression efforts, in spite of the school-to-prison pipeline, in spite of rising Islamophobia, in spite of the Dakota Access Pipeline and Enbridge Line 3 …

This is FREC’s 10thyear offering the Overcoming Racism Conference. It’s a time to celebrate, to rededicate to this work, to elevate our learning and skills, and to network with each other to strengthen our movement.

Call for Proposals Proposals are invited for workshops/breakout sessions that address the conference theme and objectives below. They will be offered both afternoons of the conference in breakout sessions lasting 90 minutes each. While you are welcome to include as many presenters/facilitators as you wish, a maximum of 2 free full conference registrations will be offered to presenters per workshop/session selected.    2018 ORC RFP FINAL

We expect our workshop presenters to create participatory and reflective opportunities for participants to be actively engaged and stimulated.

To propose a workshop/session, use the online form at

Proposals must be received by 5:00 pm on July 30th, 2018. The Conference Program committee will review submitted proposals, and a decision will be communicated to the indicated contact person by Sept. 4, 2018.

2018 Overcoming Racism Conference Learning Objectives

In spite of the current political environment and the increased expression of racial hatred, we continue to find ways to move forward – with strong networks, growing numbers, a new generation of leaders, and a renewed commitment to overcome racism. Our 2018 conference goals are for participants to:

  • Identify personal and shared action agendas that our immediate history and context require of us.
  • Strengthen their networks of individuals and organizations who are working to overcome racism in themselves, their organizations, and throughout our communities.
  • Understand how institutional racism divides communities working to overcome racism. We think it is important to learn to better name these forms of divide-and-conquer racism and counter them.
  • Be reminded of our past successes in overcoming racism, pass those lessons on to a new generation of leaders and give them hope and encouragement.
  • Take inspiration from a new generation of leaders. Youthful energy and ideas can encourage and lift up those who have been engaged in overcoming racism for decades.
  • Advance skills, knowledge and practices of taking commandwhen we see instances of racism in our daily lives.
  • Hold up the truth that our country has never lived up to its founding principles of liberty and justice for all and that Indigenous Peoples, African Peoples, and Other Oppressed Peoples along with a minority of whites have always resisted oppression in the struggle for liberty and justice.
  • Learn opportunities and techniques for self care, renewal, and rededication to this work.

We need concrete ideas for how to continue this work in spite of all that has come before and all that lies ahead. We need hope and inspiration to continue to confront and disrupt racism in our communities, our institutions and within ourselves. We seek workshop proposals that remind us of our past successes and how those lessons apply today and that hold up bold new visions of our youth leaders.

We seek workshops that speak to “In spite of …” challenges and how you or your organization is responding. What have you learned from past movements that you are using today? What are you doing to lift up new leaders and stay hopeful? What are you doing to stay healthy and energized in this current moment?

Propose a workshop yourself and/or help us spread the word!  2018 ORC RFP FINAL

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