2012 Conference: Decolonizing Minnesota: Historic and Current Struggles

We have less documentation on our earlier conferences. The 2012 Overcoming Racism conference keynote speakers were Dr. Rose M. Brewer & Waziyatawin. Major themes were captured in an 11/19/2012 broadcast of Truth to Tell on KFAI, where Andy Driscoll & Michelle Alimoradi explore decolonization and other conference themes with Brewer, Waziyatawin and

2011 Conference: The White Racial Frame

Listen to a conversation with Dr. Joe Feagin, author of the book “The White Racial Frame,” Dr. BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya (Dr. B), Executive Director of the African American Child Wellness Institute, and Overcoming Racism Conference co-host Antonia Apolinario Wilcoxon as they talk about racial framing and the 2011 conference on Truth To Tell on KFAI Radio, Nov. 14, 2011.


201o Conference: Recognizing and Challenging the Legacies that Oppress Us

2009 Conference: Why is Confronting Racism So Hard?

2008: Advanced Antiracism Training held at Cherokee Park United, an effort that started FREC.