Cost: $50  Scholarships and volunteering opportunities are available, and no one will be turned away. Indigenous/native peoples can register for free.
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  • Joe Feagin– Ella C. McFadden and Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M University, does major research on systemic racism, classism, and sexism issues. He has published 70 scholarly books in these research areas.
  • Winona LaDuke– Environmentalist, Political Activist, Founder and Co-Director of Honor the Earth, Founder of the White Earth Land Recovery Project. She has written extensively on Native American and environmental issues.
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Cosponsors: The Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative, Blandin Foundation,  Northwest Indian Development Center, Laura Jane Musser Fund; Minnesota Social Services Association; Peacemakers Resources; and Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Bemidji Overcoming Racism Conference Agenda

7:30 Doors Open
8:00-8:30 Registration/ Breakfast
8:30- Local welcome
9:00 Keynote; Winona LaDuke and Joe Feagin
10:30 Debrief Keynote, Small table activities
10:45 Break
11:00 Keynote panel

12:00 Lunch/Networking

12:15 Greater MN Discussion with representatives from the Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative

12:45-1:45 Breakout Session:

  1. A. Linsey McMurrin, The Impact of Historical Trauma on Individual and Community Well-being
  2. Margaret Baumgartner, European Body Work
  3. Michelle Rydz, Great River Fair Housing, (live-streamed)

2:00-3:00 Breakout Session

  1. Chandler Essenger, Jumpstart your DEI Journey, and Intercultural development Inventory Discussion
  2. Vivian Delgado, Indigenous Worldview
  3. “Colored Lines: Diversity in Itasca”- documentary and Discussion. Deanna Ensley, Carolyn Eck, and Bernadine Joselyn.

3:00 Break

3:15-4:15 Breakout Session

  1. DeeDee LeMier, Charities Review Council, Connecting Equity Goals to Funding Opportunities
  2. Chelsea Ottman Rak, White Ally Tool Kit
  3. Rebecca, AmazeWorks; Anti-Bias Education: A Tool for Dismantling White Supremacy in Education. Live Streamed

4:30 Panel: Devery Fairbanks, Gwekendam Team member, E. Joseph Oppegaard Peltier III, Our Revolution Bemidji. Facilitated by Katie Carter

5:00 Large Group Discussion

5:15 Adjourn