The 2019 Overcoming Racism conference takes place November 15-16, 2019 at Metropolitan State University Dayton’s Bluff Campus, E. 7th St. & Maria Ave., St. Paul 55106. Parking & drop-off are on Maria Ave. between E. 7th St. and E. 6th St. Registration and plenary activities are in Founders Hall. Please note: Ramp parking will cost $5 this year.

  • On Friday November 15th the program runs 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Check in begins at 7:30 am.
  • Saturday November 16th the program runs 9:00 am – 3:45 pm. Check in begins at 8:30 am.

**** ALLERGY ALERT NOTICE**** A participant in this conference has a severe allergy to orange fruits and orange-containing products such as scents, oils, flavorings, beverages, and food dyes. Exposure may cause anaphylaxis or death. Please DO NOT bring and/or consume oranges, orange-like fruits, or derived products in this conference space.

Accessibility Accommodations: If you need disability related accommodations, including parking, to make this event successful, please contact the Center for accessibility resources at 651-793-1549 or as soon as possible.

On-campus parking – including disability parking – is available in the ramp across Maria Ave. from Founders Hall. Please note: Ramp parking will cost $5 during the conference this year. Participants can be dropped off in front of Founders Hall using the U-shaped drive off Maria Ave.

Metro Transit bus routes 61 and 74 stop next to Metro State on 7th Street; bus route 63 stops 3 blocks from Metro State on 3rd Street. Metro Transit info and route planner can be found at

We are excited by the strong enthusiasm for the Overcoming Racism Conference.  In order to accommodate as many people as possible we have made two different options for hearing the morning keynote presentations.  You may either join us in the auditorium with the presenters or you may have a seat in an alternate space at Metro where we will provide a live stream.  The auditorium space is limited to 300 people so if you prefer this option, make sure you arrive early because it will fill up.

Workshops/Breakout Sessions You will have the opportunity to attend two 90-minute workshops/breakout sessions each afternoon. There is no pre-registration for workshops. When rooms reach capacity, they will be closed. We suggest that you look over the workshop descriptions in advance and identify a few top choices for each time from among the array of options – making your decision will not be easy!

Food Lunch will be provided each day and a light breakfast will be available each morning. No pork or nuts will be served. If you indicated a food need or restriction (e.g. vegan, gluten-free) when you registered, an appropriate meal will be available.

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To Know Before You Come

‪▪ If you use a personal container for hot beverages and/or water – please bring it!!

‪▪ Sage will be burned in the auditorium at about 8:20 on Friday

‪▪ We encourage a fragrance-free environment

‪▪ Smoking is only allowed off-campus

‪▪ An open wifi network will be available during the conference – see below for details

‪▪ Certificate of Attendance will be available onsite – we will NOT have pre-approved CEUs

Accommodations If you need disability related accommodations that you have not already told us about, please let us know or contact the Center for Accessibility Resources, 651-793-1549 or

Reflection/Prayer and Lactation Rooms The Reflection room is located in the Student Center, Room 217. It is a private space available for prayer or meditation. The Lactation Room is located in Founders Hall, Room 140C, near the skyway to the Science Education Center. People interested in using the Lactation Room must check out the key at the Security Desk in Founders Hall.

Restrooms There are men’s and women’s restrooms in all of the campus buildings. There are gender neutral (single user unisex) restrooms located on the 2nd Floor of New Main (two of them), both floors of the Student Center (two total) and one each located in the Science Education Center (east end of the 1st Floor) and St. John’s Hall (west end of the 2nd floor).

Beverages They are allowed in most of the classrooms (signs will be posted if there are restrictions); please help us keep the rooms spill-free.

Recycling The University has separate containers for recycling and trash.

Cell Phones Please be respectful of workshop presenters and participants by switching your phone and other devices to silent mode.

Internet Courtesy of Metropolitan State University, wireless internet access is available using the open wifi network called “Metro_Guest”. This is an open network and requires no password to get online. Once you connect you will need to open up a browser and accept the “Terms & Conditions”. For assistance, please ask at the registration table.

Photography and Recording Photos will be taken throughout the conference for documentation and publicity purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, please let the photographer know, and sit away from the presenters. Please refrain from using flash photography during the keynote presentations. At any other time, if you wish to take photos or record audio or video, please ask permission of those who will be in the photo/recording. There is no photography allowed during Saturday’s performance.

Scent Free In the interest of promoting the health and safety of the conference participants, we encourage everyone to help us maintain a fragrance-free environment.

Smoking Smoking and/or use of smokeless tobacco is prohibited throughout the campus (indoor and outdoor spaces) but is permitted on the public sidewalks along 7th Street, 6th Street, Maria Avenue, and Mounds Boulevard.

Evaluations Your feedback is crucial for planning future conferences! Please remember to fill out and return evaluation forms for each workshop, and check your email the week after the conference for the overall conference evaluation.

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