FREC is exploring ways to connect with and support organizations in Greater Minnesota working on racial justice and equity in their communities. This project has the following goals:

  1. Learning the unique issues and challenges of anti-racism work being done in different parts of the state.
  2. Building new relationships between FREC and allies around the state doing anti-racism work.
  3. Supporting three anti-racism/racial justice events in Greater Minnesota, including financial support.
  4. Strengthening Minnesota’s anti-racism infrastructure.


Application for FREC Support

In 2019 FREC is offering financial support to organizations and community groups in Greater Minnesota working to address racial justice and equity in their community. Local partners would take the lead in planning and implementation. FREC would co-sponsor the event, which would include financial and logistical support.

We accept applications on a rolling basis and review them once a month to be brought to the FREC Steering Committee for final approval. Applicants will be notified within 2 months of receipt of their proposal. For inquiries, please email

To apply, please fill out the online application.